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The following comments are just a sample of the many we receive.

Thank you again for your outstanding performance. Perhaps we’ll see you maybe on our 10th anniversary! Best wishes to you and the group! Love, John & Linda.

Dear Jim,
Thanks so much for the great music and entertainment at our picnic. It was evident that we all enjoyed your super talent and performance. “Night Moves Band” are? is? THE GREATEST! Love, Anne and Frank.

Dear Jim –
Your band did a fantastic job at our wedding on April 26th! We have heard only rave reviews from our guests. You made our day even better. Feel free to have potential clients call us for a recommendation!

Dear Night Moves,
With the hubbub of the holidays behind us, Jim and I would like to send our thanks to you. You were FANTASTIC! I truly feel that it was a stroke of luck finding you. You had a sensitivity to the crowd that perhaps less experienced musicians may lack. You really rallied around and self imposed the ups and downs of the party. You even got the deacon to dance with a Rasta wig on. True genius! You were not just musicians at our wedding, but performers in our wedding.
Thanks again, Sue & Mike.

Night Moves,
I would like to thank you for providing such wonderful music for us at our picnic last Sunday. I look forward to seeing you again next year. It is people like you who make it so special for us. Thanks again.

Dear Night Moves Band,
Wow, you guys put on a great show at our wedding - everyone was dancing!  Thank you for a great wedding reception & tons of great memories. - Nicole & Eiko

hi bill, linda here. well, you should be very proud. that was the best wedding we've ever attended, and it's not cause it was my son's. our older son kevin got married 3 years ago in an extravaganza at the Union Station in chicago. we had 400 people (brides parents are divorced so you get double the families) 12 bridesmaids, 7 flower girls  etc, etc. very formal and beautiful. had an 8 piece orchestra, very well known in chicago, very expensive and they were just not that great. too many slow fox trots and too many breaks. all my friends were at that wedding too and rated adam and lori's far superior. the music made the wedding. i only wish you were closer cause i could get you gigs all the time. we have charity events and weddings and parties all the time here. maybe someday soon my daughter (caroline) and her boyfriend josh will get engaged- maybe we could fly you in. we would certainly want music for more than 4 hours. that was the only bad thing. everybody wanted more!!! other than you not playing- i do, i do i do  ( just keeding ) it was perfect. thank you all so much again for all your work and dedication. linda w.

i am the nurse manager of a medical group home....one of my residents is a woman who has been blind since birth....loretta attends many of the concerts in coe park each summer....music is a huge love of hers as she never had sight....tv was not an option and many activities fail to hold her attention for long secondary to her lack of sight....loretta had music and listened/listens for hours....she knows the words to most songs and at least most of the words to most of the songs out there....at any rate....i took her to your recent concert in coe park this summer....as always when listening to your band she had a great time....i wanted to take the time to thank your bass player who made a point of coming up to loretta and spending a few moments with her while she sang....he also posed for a picture with loretta.....something that would probably appear to be a small thing to most is and was a huge thing for loretta....not many people acknowledge this population....so to your bass player....a huge thank you for the compassion and kindness he extended....it was not unnoticed....i would also like to have the group home added to your mailing list so that we are aware of the times you are playing in a public forum....i wish you continued success....you again were the best band that played in the park.... 
mary t. rnm

TO THE BAND:  Just a note to thank you for allowing me to dance, sing and "play" all of the instruments Saturday night at Lone Oaks.  You were so kind and  gracious to me and everyone there Saturday night. I was recognized most of Sunday at Lone Oaks as "the additional member to the band"!    As you can probably tell from this e-mail, I was the one up with your band for MOST OF THE NIGHT!  Thank you again for allowing me the privilege of being a temporary member of "NIGHT MOVES."  I had a great time----thank you so much.  Karen B.

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